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This has nothing to do with anything that has occurred in the world till now. It expresses the wish of thousands of individuals who start waking up to a new reality beyond the norm and are sensitive enough to hear the outcry of the EARTH. This compels them to make the necessary change in a way that will have an amazing impact on humanity flowing more or less along those lines that are expressed in this website. As I can hear the earth’s outcry, my task is to spread the word. I have no ambition for the project to succeed as it is not up to me. It is directly relevant with WHO will join in,

So this site aims to connect all those with an affinity to whatever is represented here, no matter where they are in the world making an external change as well which starts with contributing to the creation of a primal ecosystem, home of the Hrigaia Centers.

So, this ultimate eco-lifestyle that palpitates in unison with our Beingness, is expressed in the different articles of this webpage. As the point is to BE and not to become, the focus being to live in our innate perfection, our original purity beyond the conceptual realm, this is why I don’t write much about the aspect of the core essence.  What I do write is about practical things that a lot of it you will not find them elsewhere.

Hrigaia Centers
I envision a group of families living harmoniously in self-sustainable (energy wise as well) homes in nature (big or small settlements) in a primal ecosystem that provides food and all one needs without having to cultivate. If everyone resonates in the same harmonious frequency in accordance with our original blueprint, this is paradise or whatever you wanna call it, where there is no ownership or money involved; everyone takes according to one’s real needs, no rules, no discord, no jealousy, no nothing. This means no one has an egotistical mind of separation, insatiate desire for things, gluttony, etc that will create disharmony and distance from others, anarchy, and chaos.
The primal ecosystems, our HOME

Due to humanity’s self-destructive rage, these primal ecosystems don’t exist anymore. They have to be recreated again. They are ecosystems of great biodiversity where after they are established, nothing more is necessary to do. No cultivation, no farming, just enjoying walking in this incredibly beautiful pristine jungle, picking anything your heart wishes to eat, free for the take. These ecosystems can sustain human life and cover all of our needs. This is how our ancestors lived before the development of agriculture. To live in a settlement there, we need to change our lifestyle, adjusting ourselves to nature instead of trying to fit nature to our artificial needs destroying it in the process. Establishing them is the only way that nature, the earth, can regenerate becoming more and more fertile as time passes. There is no other form of human mind – man-made agriculture or reforestation that can do this.  When you read the article “the regeneration of the primal ecosystem”  here,, it sounds simple but the only way that it can be done successfully and for a real reason, is if the people who are set to create it, live in perfection in all of their other aspects of being as well. As nature does not permit mistakes (you will harvest what you plant), this project can only function if people have already a certain degree of self-realization that can reflect in nature and effect miracles.

This is not at all an easy task for those who are not ready. Many have attempted to go someplace, start from zero, buy land, and settle there and have met insurmountable obstacles especially if it is only one or two individuals attempting to go against the current. Even if it is a group that initially succeeds, eventually it will fall apart like the 95% of the communities worldwide that fail. This is why I am talking about the necessity for people to be ready for the project. In order to secure complete success, we have to be among the 5%.

It can start now with those ready for the project.

The ones involved in the project must be highly ethical, treating themselves, others and nature with intuitive and instinctual knowledge of the universal laws which means having the right blend of compassion and wisdom. They are the ones with the capacity to change for the better as they consciously create their own life, letting Joy manifest through them, free not needing rulers, lords or guides, happy people who naturally share joy and Love with others. If everyone knew how and utilized their natural Inner Glow like that, this world would become a paradise, a place of free people.

Individualistic and egotistical people are usually alone or they have a disharmonious relationship(s). To ensure success in the project, only monogamous heterosexual couples (with or without children) are accepted as well as loners if they have the merit to have a partner later on. Some of their characteristics are that they will be upbringing and educating children the right way (a subject of another article), will live in harmony with each other and they will lead an eco-oriented life of voluntary simplicity not eating animals and their products and caring for all the other aspects thus securing perfect health and well being.

Possible future training

Once the first Hrigaia center is established, the stewards will extend a helping hand to others to show them this way of life so that they can apply it in their life wherever they may be. For some, it would be only a matter of time to close open doors in their life and proceed to make those changes. For others, they may have to follow an e-course until they can attend a workshop physically. Updates and news about the Hrigaia project will be given through the facebook page eukanthos eukanthos. The e-course will have practical information about nature, about energy nutrition about leaving a light footprint in the world, eco-living, practical ways of survival, bio-construction, etc. In the workshops on site, as nature itself is a great teacher, you will probably end up learning more in silent activity in her arms than from what anyone else has to say. In this way, you will get a firsthand experience that will stay with you.

People with the potential to become stewards of the Hrigaia project

Once people finish the e-course because there are many who may think that they are ready for the workshops but they are not, I will enumerate below the innumerable soul enslaving factors that cause bondage and eventual suffering that people perpetuate because they do not recognize them for what they are due to ignorance. So here are the things that need to be overcome:

There are those of the mainstream society, mostly city people that were raised in a very materialistic way in order to become the robotic working force in a technological society. Few of those have broken away from this common-mind social delusion seeking for an alternative life but usually, they fall into other kinds of traps like the ones below.

There are the ungrounded spiritual and religious people who are searching for “heaven” in a constant struggle between good and bad. As their subconscious is stirred up, their “faulty” human existence is exposed, vacillating between acting out their defilements, and being supposedly “cleansed” due to an external factor, remorse, holy communion or even a shallow recognition of their sinful defiled nature, believing that in this way the door to heaven will open. As their emotion is also involved in this, their heart bleeds. Thus they vacillate between up and down, constriction being followed by expansion back to constriction again. After the heart bleeding there is expansion and they have a taste of (a supposed) heaven and this makes them believe that they can reach heaven through struggle. What they are doing, in fact, is splitting the earthly part of ours from the heavenly part, the higher from the lower. Thus they feed the attachment to the heavenly part and disgust for the earthy part that drags them down. When they get “tired” from been torn apart, they are ready to recognize that these two parts of ours, the below and the above, are inseparable. True realization comes when there is no effort involved.

There are the perpetual tourists who live in a constant excitement of new places and new people, with an insatiable thirst for new experiences, being afraid to commit to anyone or settle somewhere for good, often due to deep traumas that they try to escape by not belonging anywhere. Real learning does not occur when you are like butterfly tasting the flowers, but it comes when you wait until the flower turns into fruit and you eat it. When they realize that they are getting nowhere being like a butterfly, then they are ready for a change.

There are the nature addicts, subservient to nature spirits, Wiccans, shamans, running after sacred plant experiences, native ceremonies, weed, addicted to numerous forms of ecstasy that belong to the lower astral world. At some point, they become disillusioned by nature’s and plant’s enchantment, so then they are ready for a change.

Digital junkies, addicts that find a million reasons in life to over stimulate the brain pleasure self-released chemicals, etc, etc, the list is quite long. When they reach a stage where they realize that they are getting nowhere their way and they search for something more “Real”, recognizing the value of what is exposed here and start changing their lifestyle, then they can follow the Hrigaia workshops.

Hrigaia training and expansion of the Hrigaia project

If there are trainers and at a particular place in the world is not possible to do the training in the potential site of the ecosystem, it can take place in some nature-based facility. The trainers will go wherever they are invited and as this is not a money oriented project, their primary needs must be met, food and personal expenses, their round trip ticket to come and some donation if that is possible. If the Hrigaia project grows to become an organization, whatever money comes from donations (the training will also be free, donation based), will be to start and support other projects worldwide and emergencies back up for the people involved. As you understand, to ensure that those involved in this project are people by nature with high ethical and humane values with love for others and for the earth, whoever wishes to join or receive training must be ready for that. These ecosystems practically reverse the downhill course of the earth so even though they do not create an obvious profit (it could but it should be only for those who live there to provide for their needs), they are extremely useful for the whole planet and so donations for this project will benefit all of us in the long run.

Hrigaia centers will be totally substance free (sacred or not), the only way our natural Wisdom can spring forth, ensuring authenticity in relationships and allowing the project to assume its natural course without interference. Many people tend to focus too much on medicine plants (giving them too much power) considering them as an “end in itself”, without engaging in the sincere self-work psychologically, esoterically and Essentially. The more one uses power plants (especially to an excessive extent), the less one is able to anchor higher conscious frequencies and reconnect dormant DNA circuits naturally and permanently. The chemical compounds of plant medicine like ayahuasca induce counterfeit/fake experiences of “bliss” and “enlightenment”, where we can even fool ourselves into believing that we have “healed” a particular issue. There is no compromise for this one and I have full evidence to back it up. Check this article:

Expansion of the Hrigaia project

Those of you who resonate with what I present here having actual living experience with these principles, let’s join our efforts together to make the first step. Once one or several Hrigaia Centers have been formed functioning well and the trees have grown up, they can be a model for the subsequent ones to follow and then this project at some point may need to become more structured in order to expand better. An organization may have to be formed, it has to become well known and funds must be raised for land to be bought worldwide, supporting also the stewards of those lands who will create these ecosystems as well as support the Hrigaia training. However if an expansion would also mean that corruption will creep in, it is better that it stays small and invisible. Due to the whole world going downhill, I am absolutely not willing to be the instigator of such a noble project and then see it becoming corrupted due to the wrong people getting involved that hide a big ego under the pretense of a noble activity.

The only way this can work is if we join forces in this common goal. Some may be ready to change completely their lifestyle and join in, some may come for a short time helping out, some may give tools, supplies, money that is so valuable to acquire the lands, some may be influential and convince the government or landowners to donate land, some may help with their internet skills, whatever one can do it will be a contribution to the betterment of the earth.

Actually, the purpose is not to save the earth. It is to live our lives as they were originally meant to be, going back to our Source in all respects. As more will join in, the saving of the earth if it happens will be the natural outcome.

Hrigaia centers and energy

In our ecological lifestyle, we try not to use mainstream technology because it is very limited, energy consuming, still very backward. Even though it is inefficient and slowly destroys our earth, it is maintained due to its generation of profit. Did you know i.e. that the most elaborate diagnostic high tech tools that cost millions cannot match a simple iridology test? This has been proven many times. Clean green technology that applies free energy (that the money giants try to suppress) goes hand in hand with the regeneration of the primal ecosystem, it is much more efficient and better.  Other than the free energy gadgets, there are those that use orgon energy like the pyramid, to i.e. store food that is getting enhanced (instead of its life force being destroyed from the electromagnetic frequencies of the motor of the refrigerator) and can also sharpen razor blades for shaving, etc.

Suitable places for the project.

The way the world is right now there is no perfect place. Wherever we are going to be we will have to face some challenge or another due to the degradation of nature and the influence of the technological world. We must try to be in the best place available possible with more pluses than minuses. With the minuses, we deal by reflecting outward our inner perfection, shaping our reality in the best way possible and this really works due to the invisible forces that come into play.

Below is a brief outline of the way I imagine the place to be like, drawn from my own experience. I invite others to add to this, as I could have skipped out something important or maybe I am not correct about something; give me your feedback.

First of all, it should be in a country that is not overpopulated, not too poor, too dry, too cold, with GM everywhere or nuclear pollution, etc in other words not a country with heavy duty factors. Not overdeveloped either where not even the land is yours because they take it away if you don’t pay the yearly taxes, where people will soon have to pay in order just to breathe! Also, a country that allows foreigners to stay, maybe going out of the border every 3 months, or leaving you alone, whatever…

People should be relatively friendly to foreigners with not too many thieves and extreme poverty that causes ill health and violence. The perfect climate is found in a tropical, subtropical or temperate zone where the altitude minimizes extremes of temperature. For instance, in a temperate zone, the ideal altitude is 500-700m high and in the tropics between 1000 and 2000m high. That permits the growing of a greater variety of plants.

It should be preferably in a valley with a river with enough flat ground right and left of the river but high enough to avoid floods and the mountains right and left to be on a North-South direction to ensure enough sunlight. If the land on the valley extends uphill on the mountains, a larger variety of plants can be planted that are of a different climatic zone.

The ground should be fertile with thick topsoil, preferably never cultivated and not a pasture land either as in order to bring it back to normal is not impossible but it takes years and it is a lot of work.

The land should be below the water level so that with a hose set upstream, the water can come by gravity and then no pipes need to be used to irrigate. I don’t have good experience with pipe irrigation. The water inside the pipes becomes toxic from the petroleum-derived plastic especially when the pipes are exposed to the sun, the water becomes stagnant inside them, after a while all start to leak in the junctions, etc. I will make a video at some point on how to irrigate without pipes in flat land or on a slope.

The land could also have unseen negative influences like geopathic currents, bound to the area malevolent spirits from those killed i.e. in a battle that happened in that area in the past, etc. These are easier to deal as it requires compassion to liberate those spirits. Other problems may need to be transmuted or better avoid them like unseen dangers of contamination like heavy agro-chemical use upstream, a garbage dump at a village above where they throw these economy lamps that are full of mercury contaminating a large area below, etc, so one must investigate the area around. To get a better feel, it will be good to sleep there camping for a few nights. Get as much information as possible from the locals and travel extensively in the area. If it is in a third world country, it is preferable not to be too close to people as there is no guarantee that as soon as we settle there, that they will not contaminate the place and oblige us to leave. In third world country populated areas garbage is thrown everywhere, they burn plastic regularly, hunters contaminate the soil with millions of lead bullets, loggers, shepherds’ animals overgraze destroying wild areas, etc., so if land is in a third world country, avoid these areas and if it is away from the road even the better. Luckily still exist animals that can carry provisions. Donkeys are very sweet!

There is more that we cannot avoid like chemtrails, HAARP or any other negative frequencies, radioactivity, acid rain, etc. There are gadgets counteracting some of these and at last, LOVE transmutes everything.

Ideally, next to the land bought, there should be a big wild growth area, forest or jungle, that we can add more wild plants to increase its biodiversity.

Probably there are very few places worldwide with the above characteristics. Those few can be the start. So let’s get to know each other and let’s search, and if someone finds a place, no matter where in the world, let’s join our forces together and see if there we can make our vision reality.

For a real change to happen of the way things are, it has to be global. However, humanity is very far from making a change to reverse its descending path. Is this a necessary step so that after it hits bottom it will be motivated to go back up? Or before things get inexorably worse they can change for the better I do not know. What I do know is that it is worth the effort even if just a few of us will manage to live according to our originality. If timing is right and this threefold project becomes viral, everything will fall into place and change will just happen. No struggles, no mishaps, no obstacles to overcome. This is not something that can occur using the male dominant energy that created the techno world the way it is now. Only with Conscious balance, inner transcendence and harmony between outer and inner, higher and lower, the male and female inward and outward, perfection can be manifested in this threefold way, within, in our relationships and in the physical world – nature.

If Hrigaia centers become viral, this model of exemplary lifestyle can be an EXAMPLE TO THE WORLD to be mimicked (in stages of course) showing that one can live happily and well while following a lifestyle that can truly reverse the downhill course of humanity towards destruction.

This will surely give everyone one last chance to contribute to a global change this being a real one. If the world sees this and does nothing to change we will have no regret as from our side we live the way we want to live and we have tried our best to propose a real solution.


If you want to be part of the Hrigaia project write to me an email (I suppose when you reach the point to write to me that you have read the whole website) saying as much as you can about yourself and then we can arrange a video call. If you rather talk instead of writing, then let’s arrange a video call. If you want to be involved in some other way just contact me in the way you wish.  Fb: eukanthos eukanthos  skype: rikzin5  whatsapp: +306982156490